Our Hot Mess of a Holy Week

So here we are just a few days before Easter…

If you work in ministry you’ll understand when I say that sometimes Holy Week feels anything but Holy!

It’s more like a big hot mess!

As we prepare for 15 services at 5 campuses this weekend, our office is a mad house.

  • Last minute items going to print
  • Videos still being shot and edited
  • Construction/clean up projections that we’ve put off, we’re now scrambling to finish
  • Late night calls, emails and texts with great ideas or grand epiphanies
  • Many calls with volunteers to fill volunteer roles and make sure everyone is ready
  • Extra volunteers in the office helping us prepare
  • Additional rehearsals for the bands

The place is buzzing and I absolutely love it!

In some ways I wish our hot mess of a Holy Week happened every week.  During Holy Week we live with such urgent intensity for what is at stake this weekend as we share the Gospel – the reality of death and life, the cross and the resurrection, sin and redemption.

Last Sunday we asked all of our attendees to write the names of three people that they wanted to invite back with them to an Easter service, three people who need to hear about the hope found in Jesus Christ.  We received hundreds and hundreds of cards with thousands of names on them.

These names are why we do this.  This is why we live in our hot mess of a holy week.

When those individuals walk through the doors this Sunday because of the prayer-filled invitation from a friend, we’re going to be ready.  We will have given our best to create an experience where they can encounter Christ.   And then we will watch in anticipation as the Holy Spirit does His work in hearts and lives, as the story of The Cross is retold somehow never getting old.

Happy Easter!


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  • missional girl April 21, 2011  

    God bless the “hot mess” of the Holy Week as God continues to draw people through you guys.

    On a lighter note: So glad to see someone else using the phrase “hot mess”, lol…

  • Bianca April 21, 2011  


    I totally feel you 😉 Going through the same thing!

    Praying for you and the CrossPoint team.

  • Bethany Planton April 21, 2011  

    I am with you. I totally love when our office is a big hot mess with all of us working on our parts of the project! It gives the feeling like the work you do on a daily basis matters.

    I also like the week after a big project has been completed, and you take a few breathes and enjoy the success.

  • Sarah April 21, 2011  

    Love the line about intensity over what is at stake.

    Cheers to every week being a hot and holy mess. 🙂