True Royalty

The Royal Wedding.

Are you planning to watch it?

I am.  I have no shame.  I may not be up at 3am, but I’ve already won the argument with my husband about DVRing it.

I have been fascinated with royalty my entire life.

There is an aspiration to the power, the influence, the prestige and the significance of royalty that I think most of our hearts long for at some level.

But I forget too easily that I am royalty.

We are sons and daughters of the living God, the King of Kings.  We are royalty in the truest sense of the word.

That sounds so trite and cliche, doesn’t it?   But it doesn’t make it any less true.

Sometimes I think we forget our identity.  We get so wrapped up in our place in this world that we miss the importance of the Kingdom we belong to.

We are the image bearers of God. We are made in His likeness.  We bear his resemblance.  We should have no questions of to whom we belong.

Carolyn Custis James writes this in her new book, Half the Church, in response to Genesis 1:26-27 where the Bible says “in the image of God he created them”:

… we walk away yawning as though nothing all that important is happening here – unimpressed with the glorious identity God has just dropped in our laps.  Given the fact that we’ve just heard one of the most startling announcements in all of history, it is remarkable that we do so little with this and must be somewhat disappointing to God that he doesn’t get more of a reaction out of us.

By naming us his image bearers, God has made a relationship with himself the strategic center of his purpose for humanity and for the world.

Perhaps as we watch all the pomp and circumstance of the Royal Wedding this weekend, we’ll be reminded that the Kingdom of God, to which we belong, is so much grander and so much greater.  I have no idea if it will be anything like royalty here on earth.  It probably won’t, but I know that it’s better than anything we can hope or dream of.  I know that God’s love for his children, is so much greater than the extravagance lavished upon Prince William and Princess-to-be Kate.

And although it may just feel like a fairy tale, it doesn’t make it any less true.

We are children of the King.

May I challenge you t0 bear His image and live a life worthy of the royal family to which you belong.

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  • Becky April 27, 2011  

    I too have no shame in knowing that I will watch the wedding. Albeit, I will not be able to watch it until I get home from Nashville next week. 🙂
    I was talking about this very thing with a friend of mine last night. I am captivated by the Royal Wedding for many reasons but I have been thinking more lately about how much more grand the Bride of Christ is and God’s Kingdom!

  • Bethany Planton April 27, 2011  

    Such a great reminder! And there are plenty of people going to be watching all the coverage of the wedding. It is quite fascinating! You will be in good company.

  • Jennifer Deanne Ritchey April 27, 2011  

    Yes it is ver easy to forget you are royalty, i know i do, and im royalty on both sides too as the last full-blood plantagenet i wish prince william and his lovely future wife a happy marriage

  • Natasha Robinson April 29, 2011  

    Amen! I love the fact that we will one day be united with Jesus, him being the bridegroom and us being the bride. “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb (Rev 19:9).” Amen