I am a creature of habit.

I love routine.

I love to plan, prepare and strategize.

But sometimes all my habitual planning and preparing can be paralyzing.  I get stuck.  Stuck in monotony.  Stuck in boredom.  Stuck in the same ideas.  Stuck in the very habits I try so hard to create.

And I hate stuck.

In his book Wild Goose Chase, Mark Batterson shares this formula that I have found to be so true for me:

Change of place + change of pace = change of perspective.

The best thing I can do to break out of my stuck-ness is travel.  Travel is one of the few things that completely jars my routine enough to create a true change of place and change of pace.

It’s amazing the fresh ideas and perspective that come from this jolt to my routine.

Have you found this equation to be true?

What creates the best combination of change of place and change of pace for you?




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  • Charissa Steyn April 29, 2011  

    This is so true!!! Sometimes routines are good, and travelling disrupts us in ways that are unhealthy, but MOST of the time we need a good jolt- to shake us, to wake us, to really gain some new perspective in life and in our hearts!

    • Jenni Catron April 29, 2011  

      Yeah Charissa, there is definitely a balance between enough travel to give me fresh perspective but too much that makes my life chaotic. Sometimes I have trouble finding that balance.

  • Larry Baxter April 29, 2011  

    Couldn’t be any less true for me 😉

    The most jarring change in my perspective occurs when I spend time talking to people who have a completely different perspective, whether they reflect a perspective I aspire to or one that stands completely against how I understand the world. The other big perspective changer is when I look at how bad so many other people have it – no clean water, terminal disease or chronic pain – especially on days where my biggest problem is an iPad crash.

    Travel can put you in situations where you meet very different people, or where you see how the other half lives. BTW, my wife is far closer in outlook to you than me with respect to a need to travel to get out of routine 🙂

    • Jenni Catron April 29, 2011  

      Larry, this is so true about understanding others’ worlds. It puts all of life into better perspective. Thank you for adding that thought.

  • Pam from Texas : ) April 29, 2011  

    Hey Miss Jenni…
    Yes, I completely agree…Sometimes we need to be removed from our everyday routine to see things new. Maybe that’s why I love to travel so much. To break the boredom and get renewed.
    I am very structured like you, and you are right…sometimes..I need to get out of my box and get a new perspective : )

  • rebecca jones April 29, 2011  

    my hubz and i were just talking about this today. he works at an extremely fast pace all the time and just gets burnt out. taking a vacation or a few days off always helps to refocus us.

  • Bethany Planton April 29, 2011  

    I love your thoughts. I am the same way. I need a routine most of the time, but I do get stuck in it. Luckily as a college student, my routine had to change every semester. It always took me a week or two to get use to the new schedule, but that didn’t always change my perspective. Traveling really does that for me as well. I love exploring new places and seeing how people who live there live and interact.