My Estrogen-Filled Adventure

So I braved a lot of pink and estrogen to attend the Women of Faith conference in Las Vegas this weekend.

I have to be honest.  I was a little a lot nervous about this adventure.  Thousands of women in one place really kind of scares me.  Giggles and tears don’t come easily to me so an unusual amount of those things in one place runs a close second to my worst nightmare.

But I have to tell you, this experience has been a pleasant surprise.

I have been loved and accepted.  I have been challenged and encouraged.

And they haven’t imposed too much pink on me 🙂

What they have done is challenged me with statements like this:

“God has designed us with a will that is stronger than our emotions.”  Patsy Clairmont

“When you are seeking wisdom, the quality of the answers will be determined by the quality of your questions.”  Andy Andrews

“When you are not functioning in the roles you’ve been given, there is a withering that takes place inside of you.”  Patsy Clairmont

“Forgiveness is a decision.  It’s not an emotion.”  Andy Andrews

“Be purposefully grateful so you can choose to be happy.”  Andy Andrews

“There’s a difference between being transparent and being vulnerable.”  Lisa Whelchel

“Everything you do matters.  What you do now impacts others for generations to come.  Every move you make is shaping the world.  I don’t hope you do great things, I expect it!”  Andy Andrews

The Women of Faith team is doing amazing work.  As John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership”.  This organization is doing great work because of these great leaders.  I am blessed to have their investment in my life!

A very tired and disheveled me with Mary Graham, President of WOF and the dynamo Patsy Clairmont who by the way, grabbed me by the cheeks and exclaimed, “You’re such a baby, how can you be old enough to do all these things?!”

Only Patsy could get away with that 🙂


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  • Bethany Planton May 1, 2011  

    Jenni, I think you and I are quite smilar! I wish we could meet in person. lol I have the exact kind of feelings about women’s conferences! I know plenty of women who gush about them, but I have always been more comfortable and really more enjoyable watching football with the guys. I don’t understand the draw to the women’s conferences, but I am glad to hear you were able to get past that and experience God. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Mela Kamin May 2, 2011  

    My Mom & I have been attending WOF events in St. Paul for the last 5 years – we cherish the time together. I was blessed to meet Mary Graham in 2009. I was bummed to miss last year due to being at the Relevant Conference, but that was wonderful too. It never fails – we’ve always been so encouraged, filled up, renewed & recharged by our time there. Love that ministry!

  • Carol Luna May 2, 2011  

    Jenni, there was one more awesome statement made by Brenda Warner I may not have it word for word, but it went something like this, “Our circumstances don’t define who we are.”

    That statement coupled with Patsy’s, “God has designed us with a will that is stronger than our emotions.” Now that’s POWERFUL!

    What an amazing experience! I left last year after attending the Imagine Event wondering how anything could possibly compare–this was definitely an “Over the Top” experience! Women of Faith keeps you wanting “More” and inspires you to want to DO more!

  • Joanne Patchman May 5, 2011  

    I was thrilled to be at the Las Vegas Women of Faith Conference. I’m the gal who yelled out, “I love you Sandi!” and surprised myself and everyone sitting within earshot! The Holy Spirit surely does work in mysterious ways! There were so many things that I took away with me, certainly everything that Jenni has mentioned here, In my scribbled notes, I have “Be in my NOW.” underlined several times. Patsy was talking about how complaining & whining is exhausting and makes you angry. That hit between the eyes. I have a terrible background and I have a hurt child inside that never has come to term with the abuse and neglect I suffered. To make things worse, my 85 year old mother now lives with my husband and myself. Daily, I live with the woman who is responsible for so many offenses. I do love her with all my heart and try to live with her in peace, but I am impatient and often mean spirited towards her. She has given her heart to the Lord and has asked me for forgiveness–generally. But I realized when Patsy said those words, that in my heart, I keep an account and that I do not live in the NOW but in the past and hold on to resentment. If I gleaned only that one thing as the Holy Spirit opened my eyes, the entire weekend was worth it. Thank you WOF, God Bless each of you and God Bless your Ministries. I am so grateful for my time with you!