A Humble Request

I sit here unable to write anything that feels significant.  It’s been this way the last couple of weeks.

I know why.  But I still try to force thoughts and ideas when honestly my attentions are directed elsewhere.

Today as I sat down to stare at the screen for another bout of writer’s block, I felt compelled to not try to drum up some clever idea or leadership principle, but to simply share why I’m somewhat quiet.

This week is actually a huge week for me.

I have more speaking engagements this week than I usually have in 6 months.  I have the privilege of speaking at Whiteboard in Atlanta, Catalyst Dallas and the Dynamic Church Conference.

I know that other people do this all the time, but for me… this is stretching.

I’ve been pouring my heart, soul and prayers into preparing and I simply am out of ideas for here on the blog.  (I hope you understand… I suspect you do.  You’re always more gracious with me than I am with myself.)

So, could I ask for your prayers?

I really long for your prayers to use these moments wisely… to speak things that need to be said rather than things I want to say… for God to do His work through me… for clarity of thought and calmness of spirit.

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these things – the things that you are dying to do as a writer and a communicator, but when the time comes, scare the pants off of you?  These are the moments that remind me that I need to live with “open hands” – open to the opportunities God places in my hands but careful to not take control and squash the life out of them.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.  I’m so grateful for each of you!

** And by the way, if you are going to be at any of these events, will you please say “hi”.  It would be great to see a friend 🙂

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  • Karen May 10, 2011  

    Sounds like it’s one of those, “It sounded good at the time” moments—been there done that! God is always so gracious in those moments, filling in all the gaps for me. I’m lifting you up as you prepare and that you will be sensitive to His leading as you step on stage. I know God will use you to speak into the attendees at each of conference. You go girl!

  • Amy Nabors May 10, 2011  

    I needed to be reminded to live with “open hands” today. Thank you for sharing that. Will be praying for you.

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Prayers for you too Amy. I have to remind myself of “open hands” daily, they get sore from their death grip 🙂

  • tracy May 10, 2011  

    Praying for a “smooth” week for you that is completely led by the Holy Spirit! BLESSINGS!

  • Artie Davis May 10, 2011  

    Father, I pray you empower Jenni with your presence, power and wisdom. Assure her heart of these things you have called her to do, and empowered and anointed her to accomplish. Guard her heart from fear, from fear comes dread. Rather pour faith and a spiritual confidence in her mind until she is convinced this is authored by You, and therefore You will bring these to pass for the building of Your Kingdom.


    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Humbled by the sensitivity of such a perfect prayer for me. Thanks Artie!

  • Laurie May 10, 2011  

    Hey Jenni-

    You already know how much I love and admire you, both in your spirit and in the amazing leadership skills that I am blessed to see and learn from. I am reminded of Psalms 84:11 “For the Lord God is a sun and shield. The Lord gives grace and glory; no good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly”. You have been blessed with so much, I pray that in the stillness of these moments that you’ll allow His spirit to lead you on.

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Thank you so much, Laurie. Grateful to do life and ministry with you!

  • John Atkinson May 10, 2011  

    Man have I ever been where you are and I know how frustrating it is. I went almost a year without blogging because I was fried and couldn’t come up with the energy to write or an idea worth writing about! I will definitely pray for you!

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      John, thanks for relating and for your prayers.

  • Jessica May 10, 2011  

    Love you! Praying for you! You will do great!

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Wish you could be with me sis!

  • georgestull May 10, 2011  

    Praying for you, Jenni. His grace is sufficient and his power is made perfect in our weakness!

  • Larry Baxter May 10, 2011  

    Will definitely pray for you Jenni!

    “I hope you understand… I suspect you do. You’re always more gracious with me than I am with myself.” -> do you want to side with the accuser or the savior with how you see yourself? 🙂 God never sees anything in you other than a beloved daughter who loves her father, and trying to share that love with her brothers and sisters, and those yet to join the family.

    Volume of posting is pretty much irrelevant. I follow about 200 in Google reader. Being one short for the next week won’t matter. Why I do like your blog and give it a little more attention to the others, is because you seem a whole lot more authentic/real than others and frequently rather insightful. When you have something real to say, or have an insight from life (or a conference) that you can’t wait to share, then share it. Never let it feel forced. (Anyway, that’s two cents from a non-expert on blogging and growing site traffic 🙂 Blessings.

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Thank you so much for the perspective and encouragement, Larry!

  • Linnae May 10, 2011  

    you are a faithful person, and the Lord has entrusted you with much. be encouraged that He will speak through you and that because of your faithfulness, He will use you in ways you will never imagine. i hope you have a blast and praying for your time this week! Linnae

    • Jenni Catron May 10, 2011  

      Thank sweet friend! Any chance I’ll see you while I’m in Dallas?

      • Linnae May 14, 2011  

        I was so sad to miss Catalyst Dallas. We have been at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL since Wednesday. Glad everything went well! Did you speak at Fellowship Church in Grapevine? We were just at their womens conference last weekend and that staff is absolutely incredible! Amazed by their creativity and what they are able to accomplish through the arts.

  • Brandy May 10, 2011  

    Praying for you to have wisdom, be led by the Holy Spirit and for strength and courage. I had the great opportunity to hear you speak at Catalyst West with Bianca and Lori. You were an amazing blessing and encouragement to me. I know you will be the same for everyone at your next set of speaking events. God has given you a great gift and he will continue to use it for his Glory.


  • Kevin Cook May 10, 2011  


    I am and will be praying for you over these next few days. HE has opened these doors and platforms for you, and HE will empower you and fill you with the message that HE wants the listeners to hear. Just Trust Him knowing that HE is with you. Enjoy the journey of the next few days!

    Praying for ya,

  • Kerri Willoughby May 10, 2011  

    Jenni–you are just so darn cute. I wanted to reach through that screen and hug your neck. I have so been there! You hope and wait and then..opportunity! and another, and another! and now you have 3 in a week. 🙂
    My prayer for you is this: that you will walk away AMAZED at what He has done through you–that the Glory of His Words will fill your mouth in spite of what you had planned or not planned to say, that being the vessel He chose will make you tremble and that you will wish only for it to happen again because He has used you in such a mighty mighty way.
    And I pray you blog about it when you get back. 🙂 Love you Jenni C!

  • alece May 11, 2011  

    i am definitely praying for you, jenni.

    you’ve so got this. because He’s got you…

  • Sherie May 11, 2011  

    Jenni, I am praying for you…..to see the Lord in brand new ways, to grow immensely, to be a vessel, to know that you can’t but that he can, to knock the socks off of people by shining Christ’s glory, to be humbled by the amazing things He will do. You are a leader, not because of who you are, but because of whose you are. You remind me of that repeatedly. Go forward boldly and courageously. Speak with power and authority. Love with all your heart. Give your life away. It is all worth it!

  • Keeley Chorn May 11, 2011  


    Thanks for your transparency and honesty. It was great to meet you today. And, I thought you all did a fabulous job! It was so great to hear your stories and insights, and in an interactive way!


  • lynn marie cherry May 13, 2011  

    OK – amazing that you spoke at both of those conferences in Dallas. Your keynote AND session at DC11 were great! I can’t wait to dig in to Deborah and Nehemiah!