Here We Come Joplin!

I’m so proud of our Cross Point community for working so quickly to extend relief to Joplin!

I didn’t realize how many connections we had to this city until the news of the devastation hit.  Two members of our staff, Grant and Blake, have family and friends in this city, not to mention the numerous friends around the country who have shared stories about friends and loved ones there.

We are encouraging everyone to do something…




Pray – I encourage you to take some intentional time to pray for this city and every individual who has been impacted.  Pray for peace, strength, hope and provision.

GiveClick here for ways that you can give both monetarily and in goods.

Go – Cross Point will be taking a team of 40 to Joplin to help with relief efforts.  We are leaving this Sunday, May 29th at 1:00 PM.  Click here for more details.

We love you Joplin!  We’re on our way!

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  • Elizabeth May 26, 2011  

    Brought tears to my eyes just now to hear you’re going. My mom lives in Springfield, MO and the news and the staggering # still missing have been hurting my heart. I’ve been praying that churches nearby would do whatever it takes to help – cancel services and show up with crowds of loving hearts and hands to HELP. I know it’s a drive for you all, so I’m so blessed to see your church responding and not just saying you’ll pray, though the prayers of many are so needed.

  • Grant Jenkins May 28, 2011  

    Thank you so much for helping throw Cross Point’s support toward Joplin, Jenni. I already love getting to be part of the culture of service and giving that Cross Point embodies, but it means so much to me personally to see my Nashville community rally around the community where I was raised.