Sunday Lessons – Be A Pro

I hope you all had a wonderful July 4th weekend!  Ours was filled with the usual suspects… family, friends, grilling, fireworks, home repair projects… and more home repair projects.

But in the midst of all of that we still managed to have an amazing day on Sunday at Cross Point.  I’m convinced that volunteers who serve on the Sunday of a holiday weekend deserve some kind of extra credit.  Those guys are champs and we had hundreds of them.  Thank you guys – you’re amazing!

I served at our Nashville campus this weekend and here was my takeaway from the day:

Be a pro.

Let me brag for a minute on our team…

Miranda was leading worship for us and doing an amazing job.  So much of an amazing job that in her energy and exuberance to lead us in worship, her in-ear pack completely disconnected and fell off onto the floor.  If you are a musician or have a general understanding of how things work on the stage, you know that at this point, she can’t hear anything that the band is playing anymore nor can she hear herself.  For most people that would cause you to freak out for a moment.  However, Miranda didn’t miss a beat.  She didn’t stop.  She didn’t appear frustrated or confused.  She kept leading us. In spite of her confusion or discomfort, she didn’t focus on herself.  She focused on her responsibility to lead us.  She cared more about creating a powerful worship moment that wasn’t distracted by her own discomfort.

That’s being a leader.  That’s being a pro.

Being a pro means you are more focused on your role and responsibility to those you lead than on your self.

Leaders, we have to be pros.  We can’t whine when things don’t work out.  We can’t get irritated or disgruntled.  We have to lead through it.  Others will respond in relation to our response.

Because Miranda kept worshiping, so did every one else in that room Sunday morning.

Be a pro even when it’s inconvenient!

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