Can It Be Done?

The first presidential election I can remember was the 1984 race (or lack thereof) between Reagan/Bush and Mondale/Ferraro.  I didn’t really understand politics and what the candidates stood for, but I vividly remember being intrigued by the presence of a female among the candidates.

As a little girl with a leadership gift brewing in my heart, having an example on the political stage was very exciting to me.  But in the 28 years that have passed, very few women have attempted that leadership pinnacle.

Kind of seems like we haven’t made much progress.

I have to admit that my heart still longs to see some amazing women leaders take center stage.

With Michele Bachmann’s recent announcement to run for President in 2012, it’s got me wondering if it can be done?  Is it possible for a female to be elected to the office of President of the United States?

I’d love to hear what you think.

Do you think we’ll see a female president in our lifetime?

Why or why not?


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  • Lindsay Goodwin July 6, 2011  

    One day, a woman will be President.  It will have to be the right woman (and I don’t think Hilary Clinton or Michelle Bachman are the right women), and it will, most likely, still be farther in the future.  

    The oddest thing (for me) is that I’m a woman, a leader even, and I’m not sure I would vote for a woman.

    • Jenni Catron July 6, 2011  

      I agree with you Lindsay. I’m not sure the right woman has emerged yet, but I’m still hopeful 🙂

    • Diana_1031 July 6, 2011  

      What would the right woman look like?

      • Lindsay Goodwin July 6, 2011  

        I suppose that’s the million dollar question, yes?  She’ll have to be able to walk that intricately delicate line and lead without looking like an aggressive witch.  She’ll have to be smart and educated, but confident enough to present her thoughts and opinions without immediately seeming as though she’s on defense or offense.  She’ll need to be able to appeal to the masses as a loving mother who knows how to lead and guide her children well, because she won’t be able to escape that label, even though men are so easily able to shirk their label as fathers.  I think she’ll have to *own* the fact that she’s a woman and that she *does* inherently lead differently.  She won’t be able to try to fit into a man’s mold.  She’ll have to show that, while her leadership is different, it’s equal and effective.

        It will be an incredible calling.  I hope I get to see it one day.

        Perhaps Beth Moore is looking for a change of pace in her career?  😉

  • Diana_1031 July 6, 2011  

    Someday.  Perhaps.  Even though so many people are pushing what is right in their own eyes down my throat, even the more liberal minded think a woman’s place is in the home.  If they can’t find dirt on her, they will point out that she belongs in the home with her family.  Women haven’t been visible in positions of power and that’s because the GOB network doesn’t want them there and the GOBs will fight hard and dirty to prevent it. 

  • turner_bethany July 6, 2011  

    I do think we will eventually have a woman president. I don’t see how it couldn’t happen, but I do think it is a ways away. During this past election, there was speculation whether we would vote in a president of a different race or a woman. And just like in our history where we gave Black men the right to vote before we gave women the right to vote, we have elected a Black president before we have elected a woman. So I do think it is coming, it will just take a lot of effort from woman’s rights groups and such. 

  • Michael Mazzone Jr July 7, 2011  

    Bachmann has a good chance because she has the titanium spine to stand up to Obama’s minions.  She’ll do even better once more voters start watching David Duke in the race.

  • Vince Marotte July 7, 2011  

    I think we will see a woman president in the next 60 years; although I think Palin, Bachman and, to some extent, Hillary Clinton may have put a bad taste in voter’s mouths. 

    I think once we get past the fact that women are running for president and it becomes normal they will then have a real chance of winning. It’s not fair that someone’s gender or race is a talking point in the presidential election.

  • Nicole Unice July 7, 2011  

    I have no comment about the presidency but i HAVE to tell you that I had the very same feelings about the 1984 election…loved seeing that woman up there as I, like you, had those leadership feelings brewing in my heart too. 🙂

  • Crystal Renaud July 9, 2011  

    The fact that just yesterday my man’s man, super conservative, gun-toting dad said, “I’d vote for Michele Bachmann” has me to believe that it is possible.