Hands and Feet

I am spending this week in Tegucigalpa, Honduras with a team from Cross Point. We partner with an awesome organization in Honduras called Mission Lazarus whose mission is to be “a holistic ministry that focuses on basic primary education, skill development, health education and treatment, agricultural development, and preaching and teaching the Word of God.” We’ll be conducting a medical, dental and eye clinic in the village of Duyure and delivering food to remote areas of the countryside.

As internet connection is spotty at best, things will be pretty quiet here on my blog this week. Our team would definitely appreciate your prayers as we try to live out Christ’s love and be His hands and feet to the precious people here in Honduras!

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  • Larry Baxter July 12, 2011  

     Awesome!!! Our church (Children’s Ministry actually) is raising funds for a well in Honduras, which we’re very excited about. Will pray for you, your team, and those you are serving and sharing with 🙂