Fabulous Friday

In the dead of winter I always say that “I never complain about the heat”… “I love summer”…

I think I’m getting very close to complaining about the heat this summer.  It’s really quite crazy.  The morning run was grueling today.  I’m looking forward to a great weekend and a few other things…

  • A week from today I’ll be attending the Global Leadership Summit at Willow Creek.  I can’t wait to hear from some amazing speakers and get to share as one of the bloggers for the Summit.  To learn more, check out this post from Tim about his thoughts on Willow and this conference.
  • I’m craving Oreos today.  Tam, don’t we share this affinity?  Just another reason we need to hang out soon! 
  • Read through Justin‘s notes for this weekend’s message at Cross Point.  Good stuff.  You should join us!
  • This post from Thom Rainer really challenged me.  Any leader of a growing church should read this and pray through potential application.
  • My great friends at Leading and Loving It are launching the next round of virtual community groups.  If you are a pastor’s wife or women in ministry, this is such a great opportunity!
  • I’m spending some time in an undisclosed location today (that sounds so official doesn’t it?) to try to work on some writing projects.  My wonderful agent is a slave driver. 🙂
  • Has anyone ever stripped/sanded the handrails of your hardwood staircase?  I’m about to try that and I’m afraid I’m going to totally mess it up.  I’ll take any tips you have!
  • Grateful for God’s blessings and unexpected answers to prayer.  Why am I always surprised when He answers prayer?

What’s the best thing you read or discovered this week?

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