Sunday Lessons – Embrace the Highs & Lows

Yesterday I had some guests with me for most of the day.  I took them to 3 of our 5 physical campuses plus I brought them backstage for the live q&a of the Internet campus.  We had a great day!  I love showing others around and sharing the story of Cross Point.

However as typically happens when you’re entertaining guests, my senses were heightened to our “needs improvement” areas.  I was hyper-aware of trash on the floor, messy bathrooms, sticky cafe tables, unmanned volunteer stations, etc.

My critical eye was laser-focused yesterday.

But then I became aware of another interesting dynamic…

I was dismissing what was good. 

“Oh, you love the worship, yeah those guys are good aren’t they?”  Yeah, that’s Carlos.  He leads worship here pretty often.”

The things my guests really admired, I dismissed as ordinary.  ORDINARY!  There is nothing ordinary about one of the best worship leaders in the country serving his heart out at our church.  There is nothing ordinary about really talented musicians volunteering their gifts for the church instead of taking some great paying gig around town.

My lesson yesterday was never to neutralize the highs and lows of the ministry you serve.

Don’t miss the trash, sticky tables and M.I.A volunteers.  Every week counts.  Every person matters.  It’s always someone’s first day.  Someone else may be bringing a guest today.

And don’t miss the really good stuff, the amazing talent God has blessed you with, and the things that have great momentum at your church.

Embrace the highs and lows and go after it like your life depends on it… because someone’s life does!

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