Global Leadership Summit – Bill Hybels

Jeremiah 20

Jeremiah is caught in the intersection of aching to be successful and being faithful to God.

The fixes necessary for our society are not going to be easy.  They are going to take decades or lifetimes.

God is looking for some strong-shouldered leaders to take on these tough assignments.

This world is not going to get fixed unless leaders like us are willing to take on tough assignments.

I’ve never known a single leader who regretted carrying out a tough calling.

What is the tough calling God is calling you to?

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  • Rena Kosiek August 12, 2011  

    I think for me the question that I need to be asking is “God, will you please reveal what your calling is on my life?” That’s a hard question to ask because most of us can’t face the answers. Thanks for sharing Jenni!