Global Leadership Summit – Dr. Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud

Clinical Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Leadership Consultant
Los Angeles, California

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to managing the human side of an organization. People come in different personality types, some requiring a specific leadership approach. Who deserves continued investment and who doesn’t? Can you turn someone’s performance around? Here’s the danger: if you don’t know how to deal differently with different kinds of people—especially the difficult ones—they can derail your entire vision. Drawing on the wisdom of 20 years of coaching top business and church leaders, Dr. Cloud presents concepts that can expand your capacity for accurately assessing and managing each person on your team. “These leadership concepts,” says Bill Hybels, “have forever changed the way I lead.”


Session Notes: The Evil, The Foolish, The Wise

Wherever you are, God has called you to be a steward over a vision for the specific reason of changing something.

Are you going to allow “this guy” to stop your vision?

What do you do with the kind of person who robs you of your joy, keeps you up at night and sometimes has the power to stop an entire mission possibly by non-performance, divisiveness, etc?

Truth – what does a person do when reality comes to them?

When your maturity is not strong enough to change something, add external structure.

When you are kind and responsible, you take feedback, adjust, and get better. You also lead like this.  You expect that everyone else does the same thing with feedback.

You can’t lead everyone the same.  You have to diagnose people and then determine how to lead them.

3 Types of People:

  1. Wise
  2. Fools
  3. Evil

The Wise

  • When the light comes to them, that person adjusts themselves to match the light
  • When the truth comes to them, they change to adjust to reality
  • When you confront them, they thank you

Your challenge to lead a wise person:

  • Talk to them
  • Make sure they are a match for what they are supposed to lead
  • Provide feedback

The Fool

  • They may be the brightest, the most gifted (that’s why they’ve gotten as far as they’ve gotten)
  • When the light comes, they adjust the light; they try to adjust it
  • They try to change the truth
  • They shoot the messenger
  • They deny reality, minimize, externalize
  • They’re unhappy and angry
  • They don’t own it; they can’t make themselves part of the problem
  • A nice responsible leader has hope that this person will change, but you have to get hopeless

Your strategy to lead a fool:

  • Get hopeless
  • Stop talking
  • Protect the vision
  • Set limits; limit your exposure
  • Ask why
  • Get specific about consequences
  • Give them a choice
  • Follow through

The Evil

  • They have destruction in their heart
  • They want to inflict pain

Your strategy to lead the evil:

  • Get ready to protect yourself

Don’t let someone’s character problem stop the mission God has called you to!

Is there anyone stalling or stopping your vision?  How will you take a stop towards leading them?

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