Sunday Lessons – It Never Gets Old

After two amazing days in Chicago at the Global Leadership Summit I came racing back to a very full and exciting weekend here at Cross Point.

Not only was Pete back from his study break but we kicked off our new series “Together We Will.”

As is usual fashion for us in August, we spend a few weeks talking about the vision of Cross Point.

I remember a group of about 30 of us sitting in a circle on the patio of one of our founding leader’s homes hearing Pete cast this vision for the very first time.

I’ve heard it repeatedly since that summer evening 9 years ago and it never gets old.

A compelling, God-given vision never gets old.

Wherever you lead whether it’s…

  • a church
  • an organization
  • your home
  • a business
  • a small group
  • your family

… don’t forget the power of retelling the vision that God has put in your heart.

God’s dreams, God’s purpose, God’s plans don’t get old. 

Sometimes we just get bored.

As Pete shared a nine year-old vision with over 4,000 people yesterday, it was as compelling (if not more) than when he shared it with 30 of us for the very first time.

It never gets old.

Live it.

Breathe it.

Share it.

What vision has God put on your heart that you’ve become a little bored with?  It’s time to rekindle and refresh the plans and purpose He has for you!

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  • Rob Poznanski August 15, 2011  

    I am still amazed at how continues to use the people of Cross Point.  Thanks for posting this.  i cant believe its been 9 yrs since we were told that the team was starting Crosspoint.  we instantly knew that was where God wanted us at that time and we never regretted it.  We have such deep roots in the Cross Point community that to this day, have some of the dearest friends i have ever had.  The phrase “Doing Life’ is truely that!  thanks Jenni!  Miss you guys alot!!!

    • Rob Poznanski August 15, 2011  

      …, the first line should read, ” i am amazed at how GOD continues…  not sure why my Mac deleted God… oops!  🙂

    • Jenni Catron August 17, 2011  

      Rob, we miss you guys! You’re kind of our west coast campus 🙂

  • Andy Depuy August 15, 2011  

    I’m excited to be apart of Crosspoint and excited to see what god is going to do the next 9 years,it is going to be amazing. Jenni thank you being a new friend and making me feel at home again In my Heavenly Dad’s house

    • Jenni Catron August 17, 2011  

      Thanks Andy! I’m thankful you are a part of this place.

  • Tamara Taylor August 16, 2011  

    That message inspired me! It’s the first time I’ve heard the Crosspoint vision and it reminded me of exactly what this blog is about.  Coming back to the foundations of what it’s all about!

    • Jenni Catron August 17, 2011  

      Tamara, I’m so glad that you could hear the vision and were inspired.