Sunday Lessons

Today I was struck by a couple of unique perspectives…

The first was a volunteer who was serving his heart out at Cross Point.  Each week he arrives early and stays all day to serve.  He has no greater joy than getting to spend his day serving.

The second was an email from a young couple who were a part of Cross Point for several years but recently felt a call to go plant a church back where they are originally from.  I get a weekly report from them sharing the highs and lows of their ministry experience, but whether good news or bad news there is always a firey passion in their correspondence.  These guys are seeing God at work in every moment and their excitement is contagious!

My lesson today was to challenge myself to always keep these passionate folks around me.  It’s too easy to lose sight of what God is up to if you let yourself become preoccupied by the minutia of the mundane.  Anything, even ministry, can become mundane if you’re not purposeful about keeping the vision fresh.

How do you keep fresh perspective in your work or ministry?

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