Fabulous Friday

It’s back again… my favorite day of the week – FRIDAY!

Sometimes I get so excited about Friday that I become paralyzed trying to figure out what to do first.  I try to cram all of my favorite things into Friday…

  • Reading a good book
  • A nice long energizing walk
  • Lunch or tea with friends
  • Relaxing by the pool (at least that one is eliminated for a few months now)
  • Tidying and decorating my home
  • Writing
  • Dreaming and planning
  • Catching up on a favorite show or going to a movie
  • Browsing some of my favorite stores

Oh, there are so many things I could do to fill my day!

Today my plan is to take that nice long walk, catch lunch with my Golden Girls, wander a few stores for some decorating ideas and go grocery shopping.  I don’t love the grocery shopping but even on your best days you have to be a little responsible. 🙂

What’s your favorite day of the week?

How do you like to fill it?

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  • Jdaniel4smom October 17, 2011  

    I love Saturdays. My husband is home from work and we both get some down time while the other one plays with our son. We can also go on outings and eat dinner earlier.