Honduras Flooding

The school where I served this summer in San Marcos, Honduras.

On Sunday, President Porfirio Lobo declared a state of emergency in southern Honduras following torrential rains that have caused severe flooding in several departments, especially Choluteca and Valle which are under red alert status. The departments of Atlántida, Colón, Comayagua, Copán, Cortés, La Paz, Intibucá, Lempira, Ocotepeque, and Santa Bárbara are under a yellow alert, as is the city of Tegucigalpa. A total of 14 people have died thus far as a consequence of the floods and 10,394 have been evacuated from their communities.

from Honduras Weekly

This is all happening in the heart of where Mission Lazarus, the ministry we support in Honduras, is located.  As I see pictures and hear reports from the missionaries we partner with there, my heart aches… I was just there this this summer.

Fortunately or unfortunately I understand the devastation of a flood.  It’s no longer just news, it’s personal and painful.

You can click here to read a more detailed report from Seth & Rebekah, an amazing couple who are missionaries there.  They were trapped in their home which was partially flooded and has sustained significant damage.

Cross Point is sending funds to support the relief efforts of the Mission Lazarus team.  Would you join us by:

1) Praying for the people of Honduras who are displaced.  Many of them already have so little, so this loss is really painful.

2) Praying for the Mission Lazarus team.  They are working all hours to provide relief.  This group of mostly 20-somethings are remarkable leaders.  I’m so proud of them.  They need our prayers and encouragement.  The days are long and exhausting.

3) Giving to the relief efforts.  Your gift will go a long way towards rebuilding.

Mission Lazarus team – much love and prayers are being sent your way.  Stay the course.  You guys are amazing!

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  • turner_bethany October 18, 2011  

    Natural disasters are so heart wrenching. Glad to know there is someone in Honduras to minister to those affected. Praying for those affected & those ministering. Both can be very tiring. 

  • Seth Daggett October 20, 2011  

    Thanks so much for the kind words, prayers and support. We’re very grateful for the CrossPoint community and the love that you’ve shown us.