7 Traits of a Healthy Team Member: Guest Post by Ron Edmondson

My friend Ron Edmondson is sharing with us today.  Ron is  a great leader and friend who I am constantly learning from.  Whether you are on a team, lead a team or are building a team, be sure to soak this one in!


7 Traits of a Healthy Team Member 

We have a great team at Grace Community Church . We balance each other well with skills and interests. We have a wide range of personalities…just enough to be pleasantly aggravating at times to each of us. We challenge one another to greater things. We even like each other (most of the time)!

I was reflecting recently on what makes a good team member…a good staff member of a church. Here are 7 traits I came up with that make a great staff person…especially at Grace Community Church:

Sense of humor – It’s critical in our office that you be able to laugh…at life…at corny jokes…and sometimes at or with each other. We have fun together and that makes us a better team.

Team spirit – We have no lone rangers on our staff. We rebuke struggling alone! We are part of a team and there are no turf wars in our organization and no one should be drowning in a project without some help.

Work ethic – We aren’t great at managing people. We simply rely on people having the sense of responsibility and inner drive needed to complete the work. We like leaders who are passionate about Christ and people and willing to do what it takes to accomplish our vision.

Heathy personal life – We deal with a lot of messiness in other people’s lives. It would make it very difficult to maintain the level of ministry required of us if we were not personally living healthy lives spiritually, emotionally and, as much as it depends on us, physically.

Open spirit – We share burdens with one another. Our people don’t live on an island to themselves. The more we learn to trust each other the greater this process becomes. We are open to challenge the system, the ministry and each other in an attempt to make the organization better.

Loyalty – It is imperative in our organizational structure that a team member be dedicated to the vision, organization, senior leadership and the team.

Servant’s heart – If one cannot approach their position from a point of serving others and Christ then he or she will not work well on our team. It’s the model of our entire ministry and must be represented by our staff first.

Thanks Grace team for your amazing contributions to the Kingdom!

(For clarification, if needed, these are personality traits not spiritual qualifications. Those are Biblically scripted for us and would be covered in another post.)

Do you serve on a healthy team…or wish you did? What would you add to the list?

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  • turner_bethany November 9, 2011  

    Ron, I think you hit them right on the head. I would love to work on a team like that once again. A healthy team is so fulfilling both in accomplishing the goal and in life in general. Thanks for sharing.