Born to Fly: Guest Post by Becky Alexander

Today’s guest post is from a fellow female XP, Becky Alexander.  Becky serves at what we affectionately refer to as “the other Crosspoint”.   🙂  You’ll enjoy her post  And don’t forget to follow her on twitter too!


Born to Fly

A song on my iPod asks the question, “How can you keep your feet on the ground when you know that you were born to fly?” Wow. I get that.

  1. Being born to fly is the realization that things are status quo and status quo is not what you’re called to.
  2. Being born to fly is the knowledge that something more impactful needs to happen and you are supposed to be a part of bringing it about.
  3. Being born to fly is the awareness that one person with courage and drive can accomplish great things.
  4. Being born to fly is a restlessness inside, suspecting that God is about to make some changes in your life.
  5. Being born to fly is being an adventurer, willing to take risks and anxious to try new experiences.
  6. Being born to fly is always having a goal in front of you. And not just a “mountain peak” goal, but an “over the top of the peak” goal.
  7. Being born to fly is dreaming big, loud, and in bright colors.
  8. Being born to fly is allowing set-backs and obstacles to frustrate you only for a short time and then pushing ahead with whatever level of determination is necessary.
  9. Being born to fly is being easily inspired.
  10. Being born to fly is living life with energy, lots of energy.

I think maybe, just maybe, I was born to fly. Were you? Give yourself a score based on how many statements apply to you.

  • 6-10   Born to fly
  • 3-5     One wing in the nest and one wing in the air
  • 1-2     Roosting

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  • Dave Anderson November 11, 2011  

    We refer to you guys as our Nashville campus! Haha!

    Dave Anderson
    Lead Pastor “the other Crosspoint”