Sunday Lessons

There are not enough kids in my life… or more accurately I don’t make enough time to spend with the sweet kids in my life.

That was my Sunday lesson yesterday. 

After a very long and challenging day, I was racing home to meet my sister and two of my little friends to bake Christmas cookies.  Both my sister and the mom of one of my little friends asked me if I was too tired or spent to still bake cookies.  They each graciously offered to reschedule if I wanted to.

I didn’t even hesitate… NO WAY!  I had been looking forward to this all day!

These little bright spots of sunshine brought with them lots of joy, laughter, new arrangements of Christmas songs including…

“Frosting the Snow Man” and “Frosty the Dough Man”

and a kitchen covered in red icing!

They were the highlight of my day!

Sometimes in my busyness and responsibility I forget that the seemingly simple things are sometimes the most profound. 


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