Reflections of Jesus

Merry Christmas everyone!

I want to share with you this gem that our Cross Point team put together this year for our Christmas services…

Before you watch, you must know why I’m so proud.  This video is significant not only for the message, but for several reasons:

1) Every element is a unique creation.

2) “Reflections of Jesus” is an original song written by some of the amazingly talented musicians who call Cross Point home. Congrats Wayne Baird, Hillary McBride, Nathan Spicer and Seth Penn!  Beautiful!!

3) The video was shot and produced under the direction of our crazy talented Matt Singleton with the help of a cast of volunteers and actors who all volunteered A LOT of hours to shoot this.  Thank you all!

4) The homes featured in the video are houses that were submerged in over 4 feet of water in the 2010 Nashville flood.  Cross Point volunteers gutted those homes and helped families start to rebuild.  Such a precious picture of redemption 19 months later.

5) One of the houses featured in the video is the home where my sister relocated after losing everything she owned in her apartment fire earlier this year.  I love her heart to give back.

Reflections of Jesus from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

I’m praying that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas together.  I’ll be a little quiet around here for a few days.  (I get to meet my new little niece for the first time this Christmas! 🙂 ). 

Much love to all!


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  • Rita December 25, 2011  

    Thanks for the background on a very moving song and video.  Makes it much more personal.  Enjoy your new niece!