Family Time

I’m spending the week at my Dad’s house catching up with family and getting some relaxing time before we go racing into the New Year.   This is always one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It seems like all of life slows down a bit allowing for some good planning and reflection.

Family time at my Dad’s house includes relaxing by the fire, playing games, lots of sweets and always, always a family project.

This year it involved cutting down 3 VERY LARGE trees in the backyard.  My dad doesn’t do anything small scale.  He rented a lift, recruited a crew of 11 and had a job for each of us.  I was tasked with burning all the brush and I sufficiently managed to singe my eyebrows and eyelashes.  Wouldn’t be a good family project without a little drama. 🙂


Enjoy this little snippet of our family fun!

Family Time from Jenni Catron on Vimeo.

What does your family do for “fun” on the holidays?

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  • Billknoxiv December 29, 2011  

    That is Awesome!  Happy New Year.   

  • AndyDepuy December 29, 2011  

    I would love family except my family lives in Denver.  

  • Heidi Menges December 30, 2011  

    Love it!! With Greg and our old house we do many big projects, we own a lift, is that odd?? Haha

  • Hans Schiefelbein January 2, 2012  

    Oh my!  Jenni, I’m an arborist in Madison, WI and this movie freaks me out!  (only b/c I know of all the things that can go wrong.  Looks like your dad took care of things, glad to see).

    I am visiting from Brian’s top 20 Christian blogs to read.  I’ve added you to my Google Reader, looking forward to your writing this year.  The blog (visually) looks great.

    • Anonymous January 3, 2012  

      Ha! Yes, I’m sure that video freaked you out! Thanks for reading.