Tender Tenacity

“Be tender in approach but tenacious in intentionality”  Blake Bergstrom

Blake Bergstrom, the campus pastor for our Nashville Campus, shared this quote Sunday in his vision message for 2012.  I love the quote in general but I particularly love it as it applies to leaders.

It’s another grey leadership issue… managing the tension of being tender vs. tenacious.  As with most extremes we usually have a tendency to be one or the other rather than a delicate balance of both.  But that’s what grey leaders do.  They discern the moments tenderness is appropriate and they also discern when tenacity is necessary.

Blake’s quote gives some guide rails for us.

Be tender in approach – treat people respectfully, let the fruits of the spirit shine in your interactions with others, but…

Be tenacious in intentionality – stay laser-focused on the vision.  Don’t back down from what God’s called you to.

Managing that tension is the mark of a great leader!

Is there a situation in your leadership that requires you to work through this tension right now?

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  • Chris Spradlin January 5, 2012  

    Love it Jenni!  I’ll have to go online and check out the message.  Blake and I worked together at LifeChurch.tv!  He is a great leader.

  • brittany January 5, 2012  

    LOVE this. such a good reminder. thank you for sharing!