Be a Champion

Be a champion for someone.

Someone needs you.

Someone needs to stand on your shoulders, needs you to push them along, needs you to make a few key introductions, needs you to believe in them.

Throughout my life I’ve had champions like this.  People who seemingly out of the blue have taken an interest in me and really, genuinely wanted to support and help me grow.

They challenge me.  They stretch me.  They surprise me.  They motivate me.  They make me better just by believing in me.

People rise to the level of belief others have in them.  There have been days when the only reason I moved forward was because someone else believed that I could.

Someone needs you to be their champion.

Someone needs you to see in them the things they have yet to accomplish.

Who is that in your life?

Who can you be a champion for this year?

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  • JennyRain January 6, 2012  

    Jenni I love this. I have a friend at church here that 11 years ago just “decided” that I was worth encouraging… she became my own personal Barnabus 🙂 What I have accomplished in ministry in the last 11 years is a direct reflection of how she invested in  me. Thank you for the reminder to encourage others too!

    • Anonymous January 6, 2012  

      Jenny, I love that! Thanks for sharing your story. Happy New Year to you!