Energy Creators

On the couple of trips I made to Honduras last year, one of the landmarks that got my attention was a wind farm just south of the great city of Tegucigalpa.  51 wind turbines tower above the hilly landscape providing a significant energy source for the country.

Juxtaposed against their primitive and poverty-stricken surroundings, the wind turbines give the feeling of strength, confidence, hope and progress.

Call me crazy for seeing that in inanimate objects but believe me, they really do!

And as if you weren’t waiting for my analogy :)… leaders are wind turbines too.

Leaders are energy creators.

We get out of our team the energy we give to them.  We have to create the energy that we want our team to exude.

We can’t react to the energy (or lack of it) from others.  We have to create the energy that we want our team to work from.

So how are you creating energy?  Are you creating it or reacting to it?


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  • Jonathan Pearson January 18, 2012  

    You’re so right. Leaders have a chance to create or stop energy and momentum. It’s so important that we stay plugged into God, rest, and family. Those things keep us energized and our passion alive. Great thoughts, Jenni!

  • cat moore January 18, 2012  

    this is awesome, thank you.  🙂

  • cat moore January 18, 2012  

    sorry, i published before i was done.  love your blog, but hardly ever comment.  nice to “meet” you.  blessings, cat moore (