The Art of Engaging Communication

There is an art to communication.

Great communicators inspire us to be better, motivate us to act and encourage us to dream.

In all of my efforts through the years to grow as a leader, I under-valued the importance of growing as a communicator until recently.  Because my job doesn’t require speaking to masses of people each week, I simply underestimated the importance.

The truth is that great leaders need to be great communicators.  Whether speaking to a team of three or an arena of 10,000, good communication skills are necessary for leading people well.

I recently got a copy of Tim Elmore’s new book Habitudes for Communicators and I love it!

Communication is a lost art and we need to resurrect it.

Look around you. In our culture, we often fail at the fundamentals. Having a conversation without an electronic device involved. Writing a thank-you letter. Listening in earnest to a friend in need. Our human exchanges lead us to learn, transform, revolutionize, innovate, connect and love.

Like the other Habitudes books, this book is filled with images that represent timeless principles, to be read, discussed and applied on a team. The images in this book revolve around engaging and communicating with the next generation. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively through images like Windows and Mirrors, #3 Pencil, House of Fire, the Faded Flag, School Yearbook and more.

I encourage you to get a few copies and study this together with your team!

Get all the details here!


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