Are You Creating Fans or Followers

As a leader are your creating fans or followers?

Fans are fickle

Followers are loyal

Fans need to be coddled & catered to

Followers need to be inspired & challenged

Fans bail out when you have a bad day

Followers stick with you through the good and bad

Fans want to win so they give up on you when you lose

Followers also want to win but they want to win together

You’ll probably always have some of both depending on the environment you lead, however remember when I talked about influencers vs. leaders?  This is where that distinction starts to take shape.

Influencers create fans

Leaders create followers

Be a leader!

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  • Anonymous February 6, 2012  

    What a great difference between a fan and follower. I think a person starts being a fan then moves into being a follower if the person is a leader.