Book Giveway: From Blah to Awe

Post Update: Congratulations to Brooke Widmer who won a copy of from Blah to Awe!!


I wish there had been a Jenna Lucado Bishop when I was growing up… someone I looked up to, admired and who wrote about real life issues with a sensitivity to the anxious questions of a teenager girl.

In her new book From Blah to Awe: Shaking Up a Boring Faith, Jenna offers teen girls insight in how to walk daily with God in a passionate way.  With personal testimony and stories from other teens, Jenna shows girls that a relationship with God is not boring and blah-filled, but an incredible adventure.

“The goal of this book is to shake you up a little,” shares Jenna. “No matter where you are in your faith journey—whether you are new to this God thing or you have known what a relationship with Jesus is like your entire life—when you finish this book, I want you to stop settling. Stop settling for a faith that is dull, boring, blah. So many of us get stuck in a lifeless faith and just stay there, thinking that this is what life with God is about. No! God wants more for us!”

If there’s a teenage girl in your life, be sure to check this one out.

In fact, I’ve got a copy to giveaway! 

Just leave a comment telling us what you think is the greatest challenge teenagers are facing today.

*I’ll randomly select a winner on Monday, 2/20.


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  • Tricia D February 16, 2012  

    I think the greatest challenge for teen girls is fitting into society’s apperance, yet staying focused on Christ.

  • Amanda M. February 16, 2012  

    I think the greatest challenge that teenagers face today is figuring out who they want to be amid all of the societal pulls. They want to belong and be appreciated, but they’re not always quite sure how to find that environment while still maintaining their integrity.

  • Brooke Widmer February 16, 2012  

    There is so much pressure to be perfect. I think it starts younger and younger, and if we aren’t careful with the behavior we are modeling to young girls they could continue to struggle with it for many years to come! I’m certainly not ready for my girls to be teenagers, but it’s good to know they are working on having a relationship with Jesus now, so they might treat themselves with. Little more grace when they get there.

    • Anonymous February 17, 2012  

      Brooke, you are such a great mom!

  • Nicci February 16, 2012  

    I believe the greatest challenge for our young ladies these days is respect. Respect for themself, their parents, their authority figures, their roles in and out of the home, and most importantly God and His Word.

    • Anonymous February 17, 2012  

      So true Nicci!

  • Aroyal February 16, 2012  

    I think overprotective parents are the greatest challenge a teenage girl will have to deal with.  By overprotective, I mean parents who don’t let her have responsibility and fail while in their house so that she fails in a big way when she’s on her own with nobody to walk her through it. 

    • Anonymous February 17, 2012  

      That’s a fair point. I admire parents raising teenagers – that’s a tough job!

  • Lisa O'Brien February 16, 2012  

    As a mother of two teenagers, one a 16 year old girl, I am astounded by all the challenges this generation faces on a daily basis! I think one of the greatest challenges is biblical purity fueled by an authentic and passionate relationship with God. Teenage engagement with sexuality, drugs, alcohol, pornography, and web based percersion, even among Christ followers, is astronomically high!

    • Anonymous February 17, 2012  

      Praying for you Lisa as you lead your kids through this season!

  • Whitney Storz February 16, 2012  

    As a teenager myself, I think the biggest challenge is being accepted/fitting in. Everyone throws so many opinions, ideas, and expectations at us. You’re being judged for everything you do. As other people are trying to figure out who you are, you’re trying to figure it out, too. How do you want people to see you? Who do you want people to associate you with? People don’t accept Christians as easily these days. Fitting in with the more popular people is what everyone wants to do. But that’s hard. And when you don’t fit in with who you want to fit in with, that constant strive to be better gets to you.

    • Anonymous February 17, 2012  

      Praying for you Whitney. Thank you for sharing the honesty of this season of life. Praying God gives you strength and wisdom to be the unique and beautiful person he’s created you to be. (Read Galatians 6:4-5 from The Message translation – it’s my favorite verse)

  • Natalie V. February 16, 2012  

    I’m not sure what the greatest challenge is these days…and, I’m not so sure that it’s very different than in days past. I would love to win this book for my 16yo daughter. I think a challenge she faces is that many of her peers seem to resent that she is a good student. 

  • ryan guard February 17, 2012  

    I think that the greatest challengers teens are facing these days is BUSYNESS.  

  • Kristy Simpson February 18, 2012  

    As a small group leader for 7th grade girls, I see them struggling with figuring out who they are and deeply desiring to just “fit in” (shoot, how many of us adults struggle with the same thing at one time or another?!?).  My prayer for them is that they understand God’s love more each day and start to understand who they are in Christ.  

  • Krissi Wyss February 18, 2012  

    One of the biggest challenges of teenagers today may be their parents…if we, as parents, don’t pursue God with all we have (and are constantly distracted by tv, facebook, or whatever eats time in our lives), what do we expect them to lear?