Friday Favorite Things

A week ago I was journeying back from India longing for all the comforts of home.  I have soaked in all the simple joys of my world this week so I thought I would share my ordinary favorite things… you know those things that we so easily take for granted because we have them every day.

  • People who love me.  My husband, my sister, my friends, my family.  Being a 1/2 a world away makes you realize how much the simple things like a hug or hearing their voice matter to you every day.
  • My comfy bed.  Oh my heavens I am spoiled by the comfort of my bed!
  • Sleep.  It’s taken me most of the week to recover good sleep.  It’s amazing how the lack of it affects everything you do.
  • Choices. I have options in so many areas of my life… the first one that comes to mind is food.  I can choose not to eat curry for a very long time. 🙂
  • Organized roadways.  Driving is so much more relaxing here.  So thankful for rules, structure and systems.
  • Freedom.  Growing up in the United States can mask us from the lack of freedoms others face around the world.  While it’s not all perfect, we are blessed with extraordinary freedoms that we can too easily take for granted.

What simple things are your favorite things?

Be thankful for the ordinary today!

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  • Joe Abraham March 2, 2012  

    Found your blog through Cross Point Church site. Glad to know that you were in India recently! My wife and I are from Kochi, Kerala (southern part of India). 

    Good post on your ordinary favorite things, Jenni! It’s true that we must be thankful to God for every ‘ordinary’ good thing where ever He has planted us.