13 years ago today…

I still remember the very first time I saw him… I was a new Freshman.  He was a very cool and confident Senior (who I happened to think was a punk with a really weird name.)  I never dreamed then that he would be the man I would spend my life with.

I love that I have that first memory.  I love that we’ve made so many more…

… and have so many more to come!

What’s the best marriage advice you’ve received?

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  • ash February 27, 2012  

    Yea! Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite couples!

    I’m not sure if this is advice as much as it is a kick-in-the-pants perspective reminder, but I’ll never forget reading in the book Sacred Marriage, “What if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?” In times when I start to get focused on my expectations of happiness (and how they may or may not be met in that moment), that question always helps me get re-centered.

  • Heidi Menges February 27, 2012  

    Hugs!! Happy Anniversary! I’m not sure I have any great advice. Greg and I just try to give each other 110% and it seems to work.