Friday Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things this week…

  • Lots of celebrations this week… Not only did we celebrate our 13th anniversary, but my sweet little buddy Mick turned 13 as well.  Look at that face!  That’s the face of years of humiliation… and he still loves me 🙂
  • The two steps forward, one step back rhythm of tough projects.  Like it or not, you can always learn from the frustrating steps backward.
  • The kind words and celebration that I’ve gotten for this opportunity.  If you are a church leader, you should subscribe here.  Help me show them some love in return.
  • Dinner with my Golden Girls – a night of laughter that is fuel for at least until our schedules align again.
  • Totally got sucked into Nicholas Sparks’ book The Last Song.  Devoured the book in a matter of days and plan to watch the movie tonight.  I’m such a sucker for sappy sweet stories.  Please don’t judge!
  • Got to read all the responses to my reader survey.  Such great information – thank you!  We’ll be announcing the winners this weekend.

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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