International Women’s Day

WARNING: This is a rambling post of me processing out loud.  Please read it as such & join the conversation with that perspective in mind.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day.

I kind of stumbled upon that information.  I wasn’t even aware the day existed.

According to Wikipedia “The UN theme for International Women’s Day 2012 is Empower Women – End Hunger and Poverty.”

I appreciate the heart of acknowledging and honoring women, and the theme is an important one.

But I’ll be honest… I have trouble with these kinds of days.

I guess I’m trying to unpack why that makes me uncomfortable.  There are some good things that have come as a result of a day like this but on the flip side I feel like in some cases it turns into reverse discrimination.  Somehow it feels like it gives us a right to elevate ourselves over the opposite gender for a day.  That doesn’t seem like a journey towards equality and respect.  It feels like we’re trying to flip the tables.

Of course I am horribly concerned about the oppression of women in some parts of the world.  I guess my fear is that days like this give women like me an opportunity toward arrogance and pride rather than a passion to be fighting for the women who don’t have a voice.

What do you think?

Don’t get me wrong.  I know there is good that has come from this day.  I guess I just wish it was International Injustice Day or something like that.  I wish it was more about fighting the injustice than elevating a gender.

Tell us your stories… what are some good things that have happened as a result of International Women’s Day?

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  • Linda_Rankin_ March 9, 2012  

    Funny you should write about this… I too struggle with this BUT from the opposite side.  I can easily see it as a pity move for women.  “They should have a day of their own since they aren’t quite equals” is one of my thoughts.  Do we have an International Men’s Day? Along with you, I agree great things can come out of empowering women and if that is the focus of this day I’m not going to fight that. As far as the church world goes I have this same struggle when it comes to Mother’s Day.  Why do we so often change the whole service to celebrate women? Is what we do every weekend not good enough? I have learned from some strong women of God however that it is good to celebrate our differences and appreciate the amazing creation we are.  So for this Mother’s Day I am working on figuring out how to empower women rather than just appreciate them. Thanks for being so transparent. 

    • Anonymous March 9, 2012  

      Good thought on the pity angle. I agree with that too… just another reason why this day makes me uncomfortable 🙂 Thanks for sharing Linda!