4 Mistakes I've Made

I’m spending a couple of days at the ARC All Access conference.

The ARC – Association of Related Churches – is an organization that Cross Point partners with for church planting.  In it’s 10 year history the ARC has planted over 250 church across the U.S.  It’s a great organization that I’m proud we support.  When you give to Cross Point, 14% of everything you give goes to missions including church planting.  I’m hearing amazing stories of new church plants that we’ve been able to help support!

The conference kicked off last night with a powerful message from Robert Morris, Pastor of Gateway Church.  It was an honest sharing of four mistakes he feels like he’s made as a leader and cautioning us of doing the same.

Here are my notes:

Exodus 18 – the passage where Jethro comes to visit his son-in-law Moses and gives him some correction

1) I haven’t prayed enough.

Stand before God for the people rather than standing before the people for God.

You need intercessors.  Find trusted people who will be praying for you daily.

2) I haven’t studied enough.

If you’re gonna teach, you have to study.

3) I haven’t trained leaders enough.

If ministry is a burden rather than a blessing, you’re not doing it God’s way.

4) I haven’t led my family enough.


I appreciated Robert’s honesty and challenge.  While simple statements, it’s easy to find myself in everyone of them.

How about you?  Which one of these four do you think you’re the most susceptible to?

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