It's Never Greener

Comparison rocks our identity and robs our contentment.


And most of us give into it every day.


We envy someone with significant influence while they’re at home overwhelmed by all the responsibility, envying your simpler life.

We covet the marriage that seems so easy, but the couple that never fights envies your passion and commitment to one another.

The single long for marriage while the married wish for less responsibility and accountability.

Parents compare their kids performance, looks and behavior while the parent-less long for children to love.

The high achiever gets all the opportunities at work while what she really wants is a break from all the pressure.

How do we find contentment in a world where more is never enough?

We fall victim to the cliche day after day that the grass is greener in someone else’s world, but it just never is.

Make your grass green.  Find joy, peace and contentment in the life that God has given you.

Nurture the blessings that you have – family, health, possessions, friendships, influence – and quit looking over the fence.

What do you need to choose to be content with today?

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One comment

  • Kevin M. Stone April 5, 2012  


    Great post! I speak with many people who struggle with this issue. It’s weird, though. I’ve not suffered from this much in my life. It’s a line from a movie (Fast Times At Ridgemont High?), “No matter where I am, that’s the place to be!”