Book Giveaway Day!

SORRY… THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.  Nicole was kind enough to offer us another book to giveaway since so many of you commented!  The two winners selected by were Pam Bakker and Lesley Miller.  Congrats ladies!

I’m so excited that my dear friend Nicole Unice is releasing her new book!

I met Nicole a few years ago at the Catalyst Conf in Atlanta.  We coordinated our schedules to meet up during a break.  That 10 minute intention turned into a long conversation as we camped out on the concrete steps of the arena and shared our dreams and passions.  One of hers was the birth of this book.  I’m so proud of the journey she’s taken to share her heart and encourage women!

Nicole has contagious energy and infectious passion that is evident as you read She’s Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us.  She’ll kick you in the pants and have you laughing in the same breath.

Here are a few quotes that got my attention:

  • Every woman becomes either beautiful or bitter by the time she’s forty.  Women either face their stuff or they don’t.
  • Fear and pride are often the deeper motivators behind our control issues.
  • Pride disguises itself as common sense and knowledge and hard work.
  • The lie of your independence has left you lacking.
  • As you give up your own control to manage life and others, you will discover that God gives you incredible influence.
  • Insecurity is the recognition of an area of vulnerability, the general sense of dis-ease in one’s own skin.  Insecurity reveals those places where we feel exposed and inadequate.
  • There is nothing that keeps us from living in freedom like the soul vacuum of self-focus.
  • Comparisons become an escape, a way to avoid embracing the reality of our lives and of ourselves – just as they are.
  • There’s nothing like comparison to keep us distracted from our own gifts.
  • Acting on anxiety looks like a brooding thought life, a worrisome way of dealing with relationships, and a lack of vulnerability and openness with others.
  • Resentment is closely related to the issue of control and often causes us to act out in manipulative ways.
  • Almost every reason we get angry has to do with ourselves.

Ok, I realize that after I typed all of those that they’re pretty intense!  These were the statements that startled me and got my attention.  The beauty of Nicole’s book is that although she’s not afraid to tell you the truth about you, she also doesn’t hold back in telling you the truth about the hope we have in Christ to overcome our issues.  That’s the “seriously good news” she shares.

And here’s my good news…

I’ve got a copy of She’s Got Issues to giveaway!

Just leave a comment telling me why you want to read this book and I’ll pick a winner this Sunday, April 29th!

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  • Amy Bennett April 25, 2012  

    Control has definitely been a theme coming up  lately.  Many of those quotes got my attention and I’d love to read the full book!

  • Jamie April 25, 2012  

    It sounds like a book we all should read. I can’t wait to read it and be challenged to make some changes.

  • Pam Bakker April 25, 2012  

    This book sounds great! I know myself and several other women who struggle with issues of control. I’d love to use it in one of our Wednesday book studies and challenge myself and others to change.

    • Jenni Catron April 25, 2012  

      This will be a great book for a women’s book study.

  • Donna Rae April 25, 2012  

    I’m a control freak. I’m getting better. Empty nest next year will help, but then the next phase of life will be the role of “Mother-in-Law” and “Grandmother” and I’m sure it will start all over again. 

    • Jenni Catron April 25, 2012  

      Love that you’re aware of how these different seasons of live can trigger our control issues.

  • Amy K April 25, 2012  

    Wow, I can relate to a lot of those quotes.  Excited to read the book, not only for personal development, but for the many woman I interact with.

  • Ashley Kay Worley April 25, 2012  

    I’m a perfectionist. I try to have everything be just so, only to fail. One of these days I should realize that I can’t obtain perfection. I think this wanting to be in control is fueled by my insecurity, feeling inadequate. It’s sad to me that our society forces women to look a certain way, to act a certain way, and compare themselves to others.

    I think it’s important for women to realize that they are made perfect (perfectly imperfect)  in God’s image. I’m speaking to myself on this one too. Nicole spoke at a women’s retreat that my church held last year. She’s wonderful. Her books are great, and this looks to be no different. They challenge my problems and insecurities, and remind me that God is in control.
    Thanks for writing this post Jenni, it’s great! I’m excited about the book!

  • Jenny Schermerhorn April 25, 2012  

    I want to read this book : Because Nicole spoke at my church a few months ago and it was challenging/excellent!  And I’d love to read her thoughts on all the “stuff” we women carry around.

  • aroyal April 25, 2012  

    Your 1st bullet point hit home–I didn’t think I needed to read another book until I looked at the list–so many speak to where I am.  I will be 40 in less than a month and I’ve seen God working on the bitterness that I didn’t realize I had–still not beautiful, though.  This sounds like a book that will meet me where I am right now.

  • Todd Smith April 25, 2012  

    Because I am a pastor and this book will help me understand the women that I pastor better.  Thank you

  • Nationwidenicci April 25, 2012  

    1.) Because I LOVE to read!! and this hit me hard – “Almost every reason we get angry has to do with ourselves.”  OUCH!!!   🙂 Hope I win 🙂

  • turner_bethany April 25, 2012  

    I love the title of this book! Sounds like a great book. Would love to read it. 

  • Adwoa Asare April 25, 2012  

    I’ve been on a journey at the start of this year to press deeper and follow God’s call on my life. Part of that was the decision to study business and divinity which lead me to your blog Jenni about Executive Director of churches. Everything in Nicole’s novel speaks to my life and my control issues which are so neatly disguised as “strength” and “preparation”. It stung when I read this, but it’s a powerful truth “The lie of your independence has left you lacking”. I hope I am selected to receive the copy of her book. 

  • KC April 26, 2012  

    I love this book already! She speaks truth to the stuff that lies deep within us and we are set free as we journey there to those places and allow God to do His work within us.  Cannot wait to get this book. Bless you for this post. XO

  • Krumbles53 April 26, 2012  

    I would love to read this book. I love to tell people I’m a recovering control freak (and I am) but if I don’t keep my guard up and stay yeilded I quickly find myself slipping back into my control freak ways. I would love some new insight into this problem.

  • Allison Haase April 26, 2012  

    These are very insightful for a control freak like me! Looking forward to reading the book. Thanks for sharing! The truth will set us free!!

  • BeckyA April 26, 2012  

    Wow, I could relate to a few of those quotes.  Would love to read it!

  • Brandi April 29, 2012  

    Would LOVE to read this! 

  • Jviola79 April 29, 2012  

    I would love to read this book because the above quotes were so good! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jennifer April 29, 2012  

    I not only want to read this book, I need to read this book! Wow is all I can say to the statements you posted…will definitely be reading this, would love to win it though 🙂

  • Hconrad8 April 29, 2012  

    Wow. My mind is still marinating in the first three points… I think “control” has taken control as at first I wasn’t so sure if I struggle with this! Yep, I do. I might be more of the “silently seething” types, yet I so desperately seek to exude the Spirit’s peace in letting go of my personal daily agendas. Thanks for this opportunity Jenni. Sounds like a fabulous, and much-needed read.

  • Lesley Miller April 29, 2012  

    Powerful quotes you shared! I’d love to win a copy simply based on what you’ve shared. Thanks for the giveaway! 

  • Kendra H April 29, 2012  

    Two words out of several that really struck me in the synopsis of the book were control and comparison. Two words that seriously are causing my heart and mind to be wrung out like laundry ready to hang on the line. I have to relinquish some control and stop comparin my world to everyone else’s. I am who God made me. I have a purpose that only I can fulfill on this earth for Him.

  • Karen April 29, 2012  

    I feel like I NEED to read this book because so much of what you wrote resonates with this control freak and I can use all the help I can get!

  • Lesley Miller May 1, 2012  

    Thank you so much! Excited to have a copy of my own. 🙂