Monday Morning Mini-Series – Staff Value #2

Today I’m continuing this little series on staff values. 

Cross Point Staff Value #2

Give Ministry Back – we are passionate about the development and empowerment of volunteers.

We believe the church is a volunteer organization that is led by a small group of staff who equip volunteers to do the work of the ministry.  I believe the church is one of the greatest opportunities for people to discover their gifts and put them into practice.  We as church staff get the tremendous blessing of seeing people uncover their gifts and thrive in serving from them.  A large majority of people don’t get to utilize their gifts and talents in the workplace and we want to do everything we can to allow them to use those gifts inside the church.

That’s great in theory…

But in the day-to-day busyness of ministry it’s easy for us to drift into being doers instead of equippers.  There are numerous reasons why we take over rather than empower…

  • We may be tempted to think we can do it quicker or better
  • We may feel bad for asking volunteers to help
  • We may not have planned or prepared well enough in advance to enable volunteers to do it on their time, so in our rush we have to do it

Whatever the reason, this one is an easy drift.

That’s why every week in our all staff meeting we share “Giving Ministry Back” stories.  I want to celebrate and highlight staff who empowered volunteers to lead in remarkable ways.

When we do this we experience the believers working together as a fully functioning body of Christ.  It’s amazing!

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