Monday Morning Mini Series – Staff Value #3

It’s time for some staff value discussion…

Cross Point Staff Value #3

Exponential Innovation – we believe in doing whatever it takes.

Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation.

We stole that equation from Craig Groeschel’s book It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It.  Craig put into words what our team has experienced for the 10 years of the life of our church.  We’ve never had a lot of resources but we’ve certainly had a lot of passion and conviction about what we are called to.  That has resulted in some crazy innovation.  We pull off a lot with a little which is driven by a spirit of “whatever it takes.”

I want our staff to love being a part of this place.  I want them thriving in their gifts and abilities.  I want them owning it and together accomplishing more than they ever dreamed possible.

Leading through this value is much more difficult than writing it on paper, however.  It’s easy to drift toward the mundane.  The busyness gets tiring and continual lack of resources can be draining.

This value does not mean working your staff to exhaustion.  There is a delicate tension you have to manage as a leader in pushing your team to an outcome that they may not be able to see yet and working them to death.

A “whatever it takes” attitude is not accomplished among a staff without a leader who can compel them with vision and care.  As leaders we have to be able to discern when to push and when to pull back.  Oftentimes we have a tendency to swing too far in one direction or the other.  Our ability to manage this tension will directly impact our team’s ability to embrace this value.

What does exponential innovation look like for your team?

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