Enjoying the Ups and Downs

My morning runs are set within the lush and hilly landscape here in Franklin, TN.  These runs have some pretty intense hills so it always challenges me mentally and physically.  Some of these hills can be daunting and I’ve learned a few ways to lean in and approach them with the drive and intensity necessary to push through.

I’ve noticed something lately though… once I crest a hill and have a moment to catch my breath, I don’t actually enjoy the downhill.  I just start fixating on the next hill.  I move right into the dread of the next one that’s coming.

Why is it that I can’t enjoy the down? Why do I go directly to the next daunting challenge without taking a moment to stop and enjoy the moment to catch my breath?

I do this in many aspects of my life.   I keep my head down and aggressively tackle the big projects in front of me, but when I crest the hill I don’t usually take the time to enjoy the relief of the down slope.  Instead I begin to fixate on the next big challenge ahead.

That perspective can get exhausting!

In life and as leaders, we have to enjoy the few moments of “down”.  In our driven and purposefulness we can get really overwhelmed by the repeated hills ahead of us and easily miss the moments to breath.  We’ve got to enjoy the opportunity to catch our breath as much as we agonize and toil over the up.

Do you find yourself always fixating on the uphill?  How can you better enjoy the ups and the downs?


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  • Margaret May 11, 2012  

    good illustration on perspective! Focusing on only the ups will wear us out much faster than if we take a break and rest a little on the downs 🙂