Friday Favorite Things

I’m sitting on my back patio this morning enjoying a beautiful day so far and trying to pause to take in the beauty of the simple things – sunshine, flowers, birds chirping and incredibly pleasant temperatures.  I can quickly eliminate these little joys from my life if I’m not careful.  The inconsistency of my Friday Favorite Things posts is evidence of this tendency.  That’s part of why I do this… to challenge me to stop and reflect on things I love.

Here are some favorite things on my mind this week:

  • I’m wrapping up book writing with a few edits and minor tweaks!  I can’t believe we’re this close to done.
  • Tomorrow I’m planning to plant some flowers and spruce up my yard…. and lay by the pool. 🙂
  • Love this post from Brad Lomenick “Are you a Leader or a Follower?”
  • I’m overwhelmed (in a good way) by the responses to the coaching group.  I’ll be reviewing and praying through the applications over the next week.  Can’t wait to see the group that God assembles for this.
  • Excited for this Sunday’s Chapter2 Pledge Celebration at Cross Point.  Excited for what God has in store for us!
  • Love this talk from my friend Emily Hendrickson.  She is a dynamic young leader and communicator!

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a lovely weekend!

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