The more you develop as a leader, the more you find yourself leading.  You almost can’t stop yourself.  If there is a gap of leadership, you speak up.  You step in.  It becomes second nature for you.

It could be as simple as helping your family decide what’s for dinner or as complicated as leading a team through a critical decision.  Whether it’s officially your responsibility or not, if you are gifted to lead, it’s just what you do.

But let me throw this out to you…

Resist the urge to lead everything.

You need arenas where you don’t lead so you can follow.

You need to follow so you can breathe.

When you have space to breathe, you relax.

And when you relax, you think differently.

Where can you choose to follow rather than lead today?

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  • Anita Ryan June 26, 2012  

    Good advice. Sometimes I just have to step back and say no. I had a situation recently where I was asked to help with a campaign because I had the skills and talent, but I decided to step back and suggested someone else to take lead and that I would come along side. This is a hard thing to do. : )

  • Jon Stallings June 27, 2012  

    This is something I have recently had to learn. Previously I served as  Senior Pastor but now I am an Associate at a different church.  I have learned (and still learning) to remain quite when I would have made a different choice.

    This is also critical when training young leaders. At times you have to step back and let them lead the way – good or bad.

  • Mindy @ New Equus June 27, 2012  

    Ha! Ha! This is so me. It is just a natural thing to do; I forget that I need to be a follower sometimes. I’ve also realized that if I step in, I might be inhibiting someone else’s growth as a leader. 

    I’m going on a missions trip in a couple of weeks lead by someone else. I am going to be sitting back and “go with the flow” for a change. REALLY looking forward to that! 🙂