Mario Vega: Session 6 – The Leadership Summit

Mario Vega: Senior Pastor, Misión Cristiana Elim, El Salvador

?    Leader of one of the world’s largest churches with 73,000 attendees, campuses throughout El Salvador, more than 7,000 cell groups and a staff of 92 pastors

?    Misión Cristiana Elim achieved exponential growth in the midst of civil war through the successful implementation of cell group strategies

?    Known for his humility, his passion for justice and for the rights of children

?    Contributing columnist for El Pais, El Diario de Hoy and Church Growth International Magazine


I Samuel 15: 34- 16:1

There are defining moments in our lives that reveal our character.

Those that allow themselves the liberty of a moral failure open the door for more failures to come.

The moral failure of a leader will challenge the integrity of others as well.

As leaders we are not only responsible for our own actions, but also the actions of those we influence.

Will you choose God or man?

When you find yourself having to choose between God or man, look at the decision-making process Samuel went through:

  • Denial
  • Depression
  • Acceptance
  • Action

Integrity loss can not be fully restored.

Leaders are defined by the ongoing decisions they make.

Do you allow personal bias to influence your decisions?

Never give yourself permission to avoid doing what is right.  Don’t give yourself permission to remain in the valley of depression.

Every right decision that a leader makes will strengthen your influence.




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