Don't Resist Yourself

It was one of those morning runs where I would have done anything to not be running.  I felt like I was pushing myself up a monstrous never-ending hill mountain.

At one point I caught a glimpse of my shadow on the asphalt and realized my problem.  My posture was all wrong.  My shoulders were tight and my posture was completely upright – almost to the point of leaning back as if I was trying to hold myself back.  Given the level of pain and frustration the run was giving me, the last thing I intended to do was create more resistance for myself.

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.  The tension or stress that we’re facing subconsciously starts to inhibit us more than the actual challenge that we’re facing.

My painful run was made more painful because I was allowing the tension to add more resistance.  With a quick mental reminder to loosen my shoulders and relax into my stride, the resistance lessened.

The same is true in our leadership.

Whatever the challenge we’re facing, we must be aware of the resistance we create for ourselves – oftentimes completely subconsciously.  Rather than holding ourself back out of insecurity, fear, dread.  We need to lean in and keep attacking whatever challenge we’re facing.  It’s a posture of engagement rather than retreat.  It’s an attitude of confidence rather than defeat.

What challenge are you currently facing?

What resistance might you be creating for yourself?

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