Sunday Lessons

Today was the official launch of our newest campus:

Cross Point Franklin

I’m so incredibly proud of Brent, our Franklin Campus Pastor and Eve our Volunteer Director, as well as their families who have poured hundreds of hours into prepping for this day.

I’m blown away by the volunteers who have prayed and pleaded for Cross Point Franklin to become a reality.  Their passion was what sparked the launch of this campus.

Today everyone on our team was hyper aware of the importance of the day.  They knew that many people would walk through those doors for the very first time.  They understood that there would be some who had never entered the doors of a church or others who have been gone from the church for a very long time.

They realized that every encounter mattered.  That every experience carried significant weight.  That this might be our one shot to share the love of Jesus.

The Cross Point Franklin volunteers did not squander their moment today. 

They greeted with joy.  They asked questions.  They helped people find their way around the campus.  They showered people with love and acceptance.

It was beautiful!

Today our team looked through the lens of a first-time guest.  We were hyper-aware of how it feels to attend church for the first time.  We remembered the awkward and uncomfortable moments and did our best to quell those fears.

The Sunday Lesson I hope we take from today is that every Sunday is the first Sunday for someone.  Every week someone attends one of our campuses for the first time.  Every week someone is insecure, confused, lonely or scared.  Every week someone is looking for a place to belong and be accepted.  Every week we get the opportunity launch a campus for someone new.

I pray that we begin to see every week as launch week… because it matters that much every week!

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  • Kelli Wommack September 10, 2012  

    Jenni, I so agree! It is so easy to become lazy in our hospitality efforts. We forget that visitors are unaware of our culture, and our “language.”
    P.S. love tbe “Home” cupcakes.