Cross Point Celebrate’s 10 Years

It’s unbelievable to me that Cross Point is celebrating 10 years as a church.

I remember well the Sunday we launched at Gower Elementary.  Can anyone guess where I served that day?

10 years later I think the vision burns stronger than ever.

I don’t know that any of us from that launch team would have predicted where God would take us in these 10 years.  The memories are precious.  But I’m grateful that while we celebrate memories we still live with an eagerness for what is yet to come.

On Sunday, October 21st we’ll be celebrating 10 years with all Cross Point attendees from all of our campuses in one location.

It’s gonna be incredible!

Here are all the details:

What’s your favorite memory from Cross Point?  Share with us here in the comments. 

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  • Dad October 4, 2012  

    I still remember the day Jenni told me she was leaving
    corporate America (Christian Music) and going to work for the Church.  I have never discouraged my daughters from
    doing what they want, but in this case I thought from a professional career she
    was making a mistake.  I could never have
    imagined where this would all take her.  Congrats
    Jenni and I am very proud of you and the success of the Church.

    • Jenni Catron October 5, 2012  

      Thanks for always believing in me, Dad! Love you!