The Power of Accountability

Leaders create culture, and one of the most important parts of culture you shape for your team is a culture of accountability.

Accountability can oftentimes be misunderstood as bureaucracy, but accountability is much more than unnecessary hoops to jump through to appease a superior.  Accountability serves valuable purpose in creating a healthy team environment.

Things accountability does:

1) Accountability creates conversation.  Conversation creates community.  Community creates trust, and trust is essential to healthy teams.

2) Accountability opens you up to feedback.  When you share your ideas and decisions with others, you allow for greater perspective and feedback that may be beneficial to further improving your work.

3) Accountability demonstrates humility.  It suggests that you’re open and pliable.  Lack of accountability smacks of pride and suggests that you don’t need anyone else.

4) Accountability allows your leaders to champion you.  You serve your leaders by equipping them with the information to support your initiatives.  When they are left in the dark, they are unable to adequately defend you.

5) Accountability breeds unity.  When you’re accountable to one another up, down and throughout the organization, you create an environment where unity is treasured and fiercely protected.

What benefits of accountability have you discovered?

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  • Bud Brown October 22, 2012  

    Accountability also keeps me honest with the Lord about my service and my walk.