Josh Wilson “Noel”

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED:   Congrats to @Lailaw who was the randomly selected winner!


I have one more great new Christmas album to share with you this season!

Josh Wilson just released his Christmas album “Noel” and is out on his Christmas tour right now.  You can check dates here to see if he’s coming to your city.

Great diverse instrumentation, fun arrangements, perfect guest vocals, a lot of festive cheer and moments that mark the significance of the season…

It’s another great one to check out this season!

I’m told there are over 18 different instruments featured on this album!

Share with us in the comments what your favorite instrument is and you’ll be entered to win a copy! 

**Winner will be randomly selected Monday 12/10.

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  • turner_bethany December 7, 2012  

    Jenni, that is a tough question. My favorite instrument that I played is the piano, hands down. I also love to listen to piano pieces. But I also love guitar, drums, banjo, flute, sax, and brass. It really all depends on what music I am listening to at the time to which instruments I like to hear. 

  • Krisychilds December 7, 2012  

    Hmm this is a tricky one :p I think I would have to say that my favorite instrument is the piano though, especially for playing Christmas songs! 🙂

  • Scott Anderson December 7, 2012  

    I was a trombone and tuba play through school. But my absolute favorite instrument is the cello. It can be so expressive. I also enjoy the mandolin and the ukulele. But the cello takes the top spot for me.

  • Jessi Whitt December 7, 2012  

    My favorite instrument is probably the violin or hammer dulcimer.

  • Becky Alcantar December 7, 2012  

    The guitar and bangos.  It was the staple when our extended family got together when I was a kid to worship at my grandfather’s house.  So, together they just sound like home to me.

  • Lailaw December 7, 2012  

    I love the guitar but adore instrumental music on the piano.

  • Janice S December 7, 2012  

    Ever since college I can’t decide between the trombone and the bass guitar. 

  • Nicci Ramirez December 9, 2012  

    I know I know very basic but girl my all time favorite instrument: drums!! 🙂  I just am all about the beat 🙂

  • Kray December 10, 2012  

    Bag pipes