4 Simple Things for Planning 2013


What will you do with it?

How will you steward it?

How will you lead through it?

The New Year naturally builds momentum.  Everyone has at least some degree of expectancy and hope for the year ahead.  As a leader, this is a huge opportunity for you to steward!  Lead your team through some conversations that channel that energy to set shared goals and dream audacious dreams together.

Today as our team gathers for our first day back in the office we’ll take some time to focus on four simple things:

1 Hope

1 Dream

1 Fear

1 Priority

I’ll ask each of my team members to share 1 Hope, 1 Dream, 1 Fear and 1 Priority they have for Cross Point in 2013.  We’ll use their responses as a launching pad for conversation to guide our leadership.

I can not wait to see what the year holds!

How do you and your team plan for the New Year? 

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  • Josh Hanson January 3, 2013  

    Right now, we’re going through Patrick Lencioni’s new book “The Advantage” and really diving deep into his disciplines.  Highly recommended for any team wanting to grow in 2013. 

    As a side note, I visited CrossPoint last Sunday while visiting in the Nashville area.  I’m blogging about my experience (it was good).  Thanks for leading a great team!