How Are You Preparing for Your Crisis?

History most remembers those who were lynchpins in turning points.  These are the moments where leadership is essential.

“It is generally in tumultuous times that people make the greatest difference in their world.  The greater the crisis, the greater is the opportunity for leaders to make a difference.  Those who complain about their difficulties or shrink from crises prove they are not leaders regardless of whether they hold such an office.  But people who recognize the opportunity history affords them and boldly accept the invitation will change their world.”

Henry & Richard Blackaby from Spiritual Leadership

Everything you do is preparing you to lead through a crisis.  What you read and how you spend your time is training.  Every small issue you face today is preparation for a greater crisis ahead.  Don’t shrink from or attempt to avoid the crisis.  It will surely come and that’s the moment you will be most needed.

The famous leaders throughout history were intense learners which equipped and prepared them for the moments it mattered.

How are you preparing for your next crisis?

How are you maximizing every experience?

Where are you gleaning all the wisdom that you can?

There will come a moment where it will all matter… I promise!




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