I Just Had To

Keep Calm and JUST LEAD! Poster

Happy Friday everyone!

These posters might be a little overdone, but I couldn’t help it.

Thank you for all the encouragement, support and promotion of Just Lead!‘s release week.

Here are links to some friends who were talking about it already:

Pete Wilson



Gifted for Leadership

Tony Morgan

Michael Warden

Lindsey Nobles

Stephen Brewster

So grateful for all of you!






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  • brianfalexander March 8, 2013  

    Can’t wait to finish the book and blog my review of it. Will link when it’s live.

    • Jenni Catron March 11, 2013  

      Thanks Brian. Can’t wait for your perspective on the book.

  • turner_bethany March 8, 2013  

    I LOVE it! Also love the look of this new site. 

    • Jenni Catron March 11, 2013  

      Thanks Bethany! Really appreciated your review today!