A Little In Over Your Head


Leaders lead best when they are a little in over their head

When you are facing just a little more than you can comfortably control, you will find your greatest leadership potential.

When you are in just a little over your head, you can choose to grow as a leader by:

1) Delegating more.  You have to give away more to keep from sinking.  In that process, you learn the capabilities of your team.  You also stretch and grow them.  If you refuse to delegate you will find yourself sinking further.

2) Praying more.  Nothing stretches your faith more than realizing you are truly beyond your capacity.  Strong leaders wrestle with a strong need for control.  When pushed to your limit, you recognize your limits and hopefully become aware of your dependency on God.  Prayer keeps you afloat.  Control is an anchor weighing you down.

Is there an area of your leadership where you are in over your head?  Are you delegating more and praying more?


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